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The Top 5 Things a Homeowner Should Know

What should I do, as a homeowner, when my home is listed?  I wish that I had sellers asking me this EVERY time I went to a listing appointment.  Unfortunately I don't but I do offer suggestions of my own.


#1.  Keep your home clean and as clutter free as possible.  This doesn't mean you have to remove all of your family photos and completely de-personalize your home.  It does mean that people need to see the walls (at least the majority of them) and have a clear sense of what the floor plan is.  We have a large retirement population here on the Southern Oregon Coast.  Temperate climates and affordable prices keep them here.  There comes a stage in many people’s lives when the collections need to be sorted out.  PRIOR to putting your home on the market would be that time.


#2.  Pay attention to the market.  If your home is not being shown, ask your realtor why.  Is it timing, pricing, the home...what is not making it the most appealing home in your price range? Your realtor should be able to give you a market analysis, for free, prior to setting a price.  If you've had your home on the market for a bit and no bites- ask for another analysis to verify you truly are priced right.  It is important that you know who the competition is so you can win the battle!


#3.  Leave!  Leave your home when it is shown.  A licensed agent/realtor will accompany the buyers to your home.  They will present your home professionally and effectively without you breathing down their neck.  Buyers like to look...in closets, in pantries.  They like to ask questions.  If you are standing by, the buyer will breeze in and out of your home without LOOKING at it effectively.  They want to see how much room the master closet has but they feel awkward and nosey if you are standing there.  Get out and let the realtor do their job. 


#4.  Negotiate.  Okay, the buyers made an insultingly low offer.  Perhaps they don't understand that the market is improving, that there are factors that make your home worth the extra money, that they were insulting.  At least they took the time to write up an offer.  They thought enough about your home to come to the table with some money.  Reply to the offer with a counter offer.  Prove that you do want to sell your home, but not at their price.  Step into the game and PLAY.  Even if you counter at close to the asking price, it shows a willingness to negotiate.  Don't be the party that steps out of the negotiations before they start.

#5.  Work with your realtor.  We are teammates and we need to brainstorm and communicate effectively.  If your realtor asks for information, provide it in a timely manner.  A majority of the time, it is because a buyer has asked the question.  We don't want to seem secretive or hard to work with.  If you don't know the answer, just admit so.  If your realtor offers you suggestions, like the ones above, please listen and if you disagree, be open and honest about why.  Perhaps there is another solution that we can come up with...together.

If you are looking for an agent to represent you and your property on the Southern Oregon Coast (Brookings, Gold Beach, Port Orford) , please give us a call.  Our testimonies are proof that we work hard and effectively to sell your property and to do so professionally and ethically.



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